Adopting a rabbit or guinea pig is a big commitment but we aim to make the process as simple and friendly as possible. Please feel free to contact us at any point for more information and even just to have a chat.




Fill in our adoption enquiry form (you’ll find one on each animal’s page) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’ll ask you to email over pictures of your set up. Please note that guinea pigs should have accommodation measuring a minimum of 4ft x 2ft and the RWAF recommends a run size of at least 8ft x 6ft for rabbits. Bigger is always better though!

Our animals are kept in two locations in Sunderland.  You are very welcome to see all our bunnies and pigs to see if you can find the right one (or ones) for you. We will try and be flexible with appointment days and times.

If you wish to go ahead with adoption, we will ask you to fill in an Adoption Agreement so please give it a read through beforehand. We will also provide you with any other paperwork such as vaccination cards. All animals can be returned if it does not work out in the new home.


Our minimum suggested donations are:

  • Single rabbit £35
  • Bonded pair of rabbits £60
  • Single guinea pig £15
  • Bonded pair of guinea pigs £25

These donations help us cover vaccination, neutering and veterinary costs. It could cost a member of the public approx. £125 to neuter and vaccinate a rabbit and £55 to neuter a guinea pig.