Please note that both bunnies should have been neutered for at least 6 weeks before bonding is attempted. At Binky Buns we usually only bond a male and female rabbit together as this seems to produce the most stable bond. We never use fear or stress to attempt to create a bond between rabbits.

If you Google rabbit bonding you’ll be sure to find a hundred and one methods which can be used, each with their pros and cons. Housing rabbits side by side for many weeks, swapping their enclosures and belongings is one popular approach.

However, at Binky Buns, we have found our best success with the dating approach.


Set up a pen (not too big) in a neutral location that neither bunny has used before. The pen should be empty of all items (no food, litter trays, toys etc)

Put the rabbits in at the same time. Make sure you have thick gloves on hand and possibly some wellies on your feet if you’re nervous. Sometimes it’s also handy to have a barrier you can put between the rabbits if you need to separate them (a book, a dustpan, a brush etc)

For the first date stay in the pen with the bunnies. The date may last 5, 15 or 30 depending on their reactions.


At first the rabbits may be more interested in their surroundings than each other. When they do notice one another various normal behaviours may ensue. These include chasing, mounting (right way, wrong way, sideways!), sulking, one placing its head under the other asking to be groomed, a small amount of nipping. All of these are ways the rabbits are communicating with each other and establishing their relationship.

If chasing, nipping or mounting become frenzied, intervene as the bunny on the receiving end may become frustrated and attempt to attack. Push the rabbits apart or make a loud noise to startle them apart. Let them both calm down. Do not end the date at this time. Try and end it on a high when things are calm or they are enjoying something such as a small amount of food.


Second date. Repeat the same process as before. If things seem calmer, step outside the pen but still keep an eye on the rabbits so you can intervene if necessary.


Third date. If the relationship is continuing to improve, try making the pen bigger and adding a few items of interest. Remember you can have as many or as few dates as you like. Take your time. Each set of bunnies is different. Always end each date on a positive note.


If the rabbits can stay together for good lengths of times and are exhibiting signs of relaxation such as eating together, lying together and mutual grooming it looks like you’re onto a winner!! Keep them together for a good 24 hours. Don’t intervene too much as they work out their relationship but make sure you are in the vicinity just in case.


Put the rabbits either into a completely new enclosure or into an existing enclosure which has been totally scrubbed out. If one of the rabbits has lived in this enclosure previously it is important to change the location of items inside so everything appears different and unfamiliar since you do not want one of the bunnies to try and claim the territory back. Purchasing new litter trays etc is a good idea, as is using a mix of white vinegar in a 50:50 dilution with water to kill off the scents in the rest of the hutch/run.

With a bit of luck you will now have two happily bonded buns!!