In the wild rabbits and guinea pigs run free and forage over vast areas. We may not be able to achieve this in a domestic situation but it is important to give bunnies and guinea pigs the most enriching and natural life possible.

We are often asked for ideas about the correct living accommodation for rabbits and guinea pigs. Many people quote the size of their hutch at us when they come forward to adopt. We’re more interested in the size of the rest of their enclosure!!

We have decided to start a gallery of good accommodation (we will start with Binky Buns own) and hope to add to it over time with adopters’ setups. This may inspire you to get creative!

Remember bigger is always better. We wish we could give every rabbit and guinea pig at Binky Buns a football field to play in. Who knows, perhaps in the future we will be able to achieve this dream!!

Aviary with upstairs sleeping area

Chicken coop with attached run

Log cabin for indoor bunnies

Indoor guinea pig enclosure

Enclosure with side run

Indoor rabbit pen

Summer house with attached run

Outdoor run with fun tunnels and logs

Beach hut with outdoor run