Hay and Grass

About 90% of a bunny’s diet should consist of good quality hay, kiln-dried grass or fresh grass. This is important both for the digestive system and for teeth.

Never use lawn clippings as they ferment and can be harmful.

Try and get non-dusty hay. Timothy and meadow hay are good. Alfalfa hay is too high in calcium for most adult rabbits.

Greens / Vegetables

Fresh food should make up less than 20% of a bunny’s diet.

Always introduce new foods gradually.

Wash all fresh food thoroughly.

Fruit should be an occasional treat and no more than 1-2 tablespoons should be given a day.


Never feed muesli diets.

Always use a good quality rabbit pellet like Burgess Excel or Science Selective.

If changing pellet brands do it slowly and gradually.

Remember less is more. Bunnies only need a small amount every day.

Healthy Bunny…


Always provide a plentiful supply of fresh water.

We have found that bunnies are much more inclined to drink water if given a bowl rather than a bottle.

…Happy Bunny!