Hay and Grass

Guinea pigs need a plentiful supply of good quality hay, kiln-dried grass or fresh grass. This is important both for the digestive system and for teeth.

Never use lawn clippings as they ferment and can be harmful.

Try and get non-dusty hay. Pigs also love to exhibit their natural burrowing behaviour in hay.

Greens / Vegetables

Fresh food is very important to guinea pigs as they cannot make their own Vitamin C. Lack of Vitamin C will lead to a condition called scurvy. They should have about a teacup a day of greens and it’s good to vary their selection.

Wash all fresh food thoroughly and always introduce new foods gradually.

Fruit should be an occasional treat as it is high in sugar.

Guinea pigs should NEVER be given potatoes, tomato leaves or rhubarb.


Never feed muesli diets.

Always use a good quality guinea pellet like Burgess Excel or Science Selective and stores these as per the manufaturer’s guidelines so as not to destroy the Vitamin C content.

If changing pellet brands do it slowly and gradually.

Health Piggy… 


Always provide a plentiful supply of fresh water.

Guinea pigs will drink between 100-200ml per kg of body weight a day.

…Happy Piggy!