Residents at Binky Buns …

Many of our current residents require lifelong care and support due to their complex health or behavioural issues and are generally not suitable to re-home.  We feel they have just as much right to a happy life so Binky Buns provide a loving retirement sanctuary for as long as they need.

If you feel you can help a sanctuary resident we would be very grateful for any donation towards their care. All donations help us with the costs of neutering, vaccination and veterinary bills.

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These are our current residents …









Roger and Flora



Luna, Suki and Teacup


Chairbun Dave

Adoption opportunities …

Due to the current lockdown restrictions and in line with government guidance, the current pandemic has unfortunately restricted most adoption possibilities.  However, from time-to-time some of our residents do still become available for adoption.

As part of our adoption process, we’ll ask you to email over pictures of your set up.  Please note that guinea pigs should have accommodation measuring a minimum of 4ft x 2ft and the RWAF recommends a permanent enclosure size of at least 10ft x 6ft for rabbits. Bigger is always better though!

Our minimum suggested donations are:

  • Single rabbit £40
  • Bonded pair of rabbits £70
  • Single guinea pig £15
  • Bonded pair of guinea pigs £25

These donations help us cover vaccination, neutering and veterinary costs. It could cost a member of the public approx. £150 to neuter and vaccinate a rabbit and £70 to neuter a guinea pig.

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Animals Rehomed


These are some of the animals that we’ve already rehomed. A big, big thank you to anyone who has adopted from us – you’ve changed that animal’s life forever!