Reason for arrival: Olive and Ginger’s previous owner had a change in family circumstances and unfortunately no longer had time to spend on their care and grooming.

Age: 4 years

Temperament: Olive and Ginger are shy guineas. Olive is very much in charge and leads the way in everything they do and she will take food from your hand. Both piggles aren’t fans of being handled and Ginger is particularly wary. They will need time and patience. They do love their food so this will be a way to their hearts!!

Veterinary Issues: Ginger is a rex and Olive is a rex cross lunkarya. They have a very coarse coat. Olive is long-haired and will easily become matted without extensive grooming. We have clippered her so she currently has a more easily maintained coat. Ginger has a growth in her left eye which we monitor and sometimes have to treat.

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